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An Interesting Birth Story of YavatmalOnline

One of the Yavatmalite (staying in Dubai from decades) planned to visit Yavatmal to refresh old memories. Being a Tech Savvy, first step he has done is internet search for Yavatmal to find information. He spent hours on internet but was not able to find any useful information. That's exactly what happened that day.

That's when he thought of providing the convenience of information about Yavatmal over the internet. The idea was compelling. And why not? The internet was being voted as a medium people couldn't do without. PC and internet penetration was increasing not only in urban areas, but also in rural India with innovative concepts.

So, with these thoughts running through his mind, he bounced initial thoughts off his friends from school who are staying in Bangalore. They were excited about the concept too.

And thats it from that day, they started contributing towards the development of this portal.

This portal is all about Yavatmal. By means of this portal we are trying to present Yavatmal infront of world. Many know Yavatmal just because of Farmer Suicide stories published in newspaper and TV channels but they dont know the reach background and history of Yavatmal.

This portal will educate about Yavatmal starting from How Yavatmal came into existence, History, Geography, Culture, Economics, Heritage Train to Yavatmalkars contribution.

The two sections YavatmalOnline Club and Yellow Pages is heart of this portal. Club is for all those whose roots are from Yavatmal and Online Directory are for publishing the local business on internet.

To make this portal a success story, we need support and contribution from each and every Yavatmalkar in any way they can do.

Opening Shortly

Yavatmal CritiCare Hospital @ Singhaniya Nagar (Near Darda Matoshri)

Yavatmal Criticare will be a Multispeciality Hospital & Research Center with facilities like 20 Beds for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) / Critical Care Unit (CCU), Dialysis Center, Angiography, 50 Beds Capacity, 24/7 Open, Pharmacy (Medical Store),Pathology, Digital X-Ray, 3D / 4D Sonography, ECHO, Multislice Spiral CT Scan, Computerised Stress Test / ECG, Mammography

Associated Doctors:- 1. Dr. T. C. Rathod (M.D), 2. Dr. Vijay Thakre (M.D), 3. Dr. B. Wagh (M.D), 4. Dr. Dilip Kariya (M.D), 5. Dr. N. K. Puranik (M.D), 6. Dr. Deepak Agarwal (M.D), 7. Dr. Ajit Fadke (M.S), 8. Dr. Ashish Tawde (M.S), 9. Dr. Ravi Saboo (M.D), 10. Dr. Omprakash Singhaniya (M.D)
Mamta Varities, Opp. Police Station, Nagarwachnalya Bldg., Yavatmal

One Stop Shop for Men Accessories
Isse accha aur sasta pure yavatmal mein kahi nahi miliga

Specialist in Wallet, Cufflinks, Perfumes, Deos, School Bags, College Bags, Travel Bags, Belts, Sun Glasses, Designer & Imported Watches, Purse, Head Bandanas, Coin Holders, Money Clips, Gifts Articles, Key Chains, Gas Lighter, Caps, China Iteams, Branded Iteams and many more >>>

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